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Here are a few of our frequently asked questions from members or prospective members. We hope this can answer some of your questions!

  • What is “Big Show?”
    • Our Big Show is held in Dodd Auditorium at the end of every semester and consists of student and alumni-choreographed pieces. This is a large-scale production that members audition, and rehearse for throughout the entire semester.
  • What is “Small Show?”
    • Our Small Show is a free event that is held in the middle of the semester. This production showcases the talents of PAC choreographers in addition to UMW performing clubs alike.
  • What is the audition process like?
    • Auditions are held the first weekend of the semester and members learn a combination from the officers to perform in groups. Don’t worry though! An officer or two performs the combination with each group! Results are posted later that day.
  • How much time am I commiting to PAC if I join?
    • For each dance that a member is in, there is a one-hour rehearsal per week. Members can be a part of 1-3 pieces for Big Show, and can participate in small show pieces as well. Dancers are also required to attend showings and tech week before Big show.
  • What is tech week?
    • Tech week occurs the week before Big show. During tech week each piece has spacing and lighting rehearsals before a dress rehearsal.
  • What are “pointes” and how many do I need?
    • Members are required to earn at least 8 pointes per semester. Pointes are earned for participating in PAC activities such as helping to promote shows, ticket sales, bonding, attending showings, perfect rehearsal attendance, etc.
  • What are “showings?”
    • Showings occur before both small and big shows! It is a chance for PAC members to get to perform their piece in front of the rest of the company. Showings are held in the Goolrick dance studios for Big and Small show and there is an additional showing in Dodd auditorium for Big Show.
  • What are bondings?
    • Bondings are chances for PAC members to get closer to one another outside of rehearsals. Bondings can range from bonfires to our annual PACnic!
  • When/How can I choreograph?
    • Members can choreograph after completing two semesters in PAC. Once you have been in PAC for two semesters you can submit a choreography proposal for Small show and ask dancers to be in your piece. After choreographing for Small show, choreographers are then eligible to choreograph for Big Show.
  • What are “PAC pals?”
    • PAC pals is an optional gift exchange during Big show and those who participate receive a PAC pointe!