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The University of Mary Washington’s Performing Arts Company, fondly abbreviated PAC, is a student run, student funded dance organization. PAC provides performance opportunities and several dance class opportunities each semester to dancers of all levels.

Every semester PAC puts on a “Big Show” and a “Small Show.” All of the pieces in both shows are choreographed by students, alumni, or faculty member and performed by full time undergraduate students.

The “Big Show” is a semester long process that begins with auditions at the beginning of the semester. Weekly hour long rehearsals are held and choreographers may not participate in their own pieces. To choreograph, at least three semesters of participation in the company and previous experience choreographing for Small Show are required. There are two shows in Dodd Auditorium near the end of the semester, one evening show and one matinee.

The “Small Show” is open to all PAC members and other dance clubs on campus who are invited by the officers. Any PAC member may choreograph as long as they have participated in the company for at least two semesters. Choreographers pick their dancers and may, but do not have to, be in their own pieces. This is a less formal show that also takes place in Dodd Auditorium.

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The Friends of Dance at the University of Mary Washington is an alumni organization devoted to the life of dance at the University of Mary Washington. Take a look at the site to find out more about the group, scholarship opportunities, and announcements of upcoming events:

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