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Community Engagement

Best Buddies and PAC Collaboration

PAC is proud to work with the UMW Chapter of Best Buddies. The Best Buddies Program aims to provide high quality dance instruction and guidance to those involved in the Best Buddies club. Our goal is for everyone to have fun and to reach their full dance potential. With this program, we teach dance to those with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. The purpose of our program is to provide a high-quality dance education to those who otherwise would not have access to one. In the fall semester of 2023, we focused on introduce our students to all the different styles of dance. These include ballet, contemporary, and jazz. For the spring 2024 semester, we will work on a piece to perform in PAC Small Show, where our dancers will show off their new skills. Our volunteers are passionate about sharing their love for dance and love building ever-growing relationships with our students. Please contact our Outreach Officer, Hailey Cooke, for more information about how to get involved.